February 11, 2012

Creating and Managing a Sports Betting and Poker Wallet

I created this guide to report some of my experience in banking management over the years and especially for advanced users, those who bet far beyond a simple weekend or one or another month, is a essential guide for those who want to go further and who want to bet on sports and playing poker in the long run and with some frequency.

One of the most important things I learned and what should be the first golden rule for any long-term player (Sports Betting and / or poker) is have a completely separate banking and specialized banking day-to-day. It takes work initially but everything in life takes work when trying to have more value in the future, unless they are thieves who do not want to do anything or parasites living on the parents account or inheritance, also why the topic is given to users advanced and mature.

How to create a bankroll gaming and for what?

There are many ways for you to create a separate bankroll for the game, personally I recommend to open a separate account specialist for the effect! Why? because it only has advantages, so they can know where, how and when they lose or win and how! can thus easily to examine in detail your losses and gains in space and time. Plus, this way does not enter into temptation to spend who are not like they will not spend money to your main account of your life.

How to set the bankroll gaming?

That is highly debatable, I would advise those who receive such a monthly salary of € 2000 not to remove more than 100 € monthly for bankroll gaming and perhaps even too much, but here has much to do with the responsibilities and accounts that each one has and how much weight to give to your life this aspect of entertainment is like a separate monthly cash bar to go to the movies on Mondays! as simple as that.

The best advice is this NEVER draw more to the bankroll gaming that set that bar that the bar be ideal and that NEVER undertakes you monthly! They have to do every month? lol of course not, unless they get to zero every month but the problem here is another and a different topic.

How to manage the bankroll monthly?

I rather advise a simple excel sheet, it is easy and handy to all. Just have 2 or three separate columns for each bookmaker where you have money, separating Bet Poker, days and months, and just reaching the end of days and replace the balance they have in each bookmaker. It should stipulate the maximum daily or weekly balance that can and should be used so that they know where and how much they can spend.

At the end of the month if by any chance have a 100% profit should take the same profit for your main account of the day to day? I advise you not to do because there are many months of injury, especially in beginners, and these profits can be needed in the future so as to begin to earn with some constancy may increase the stake of your bets in the future without having to put any deposit in gaming account.

What never do?

NEVER deposit into your gaming account more of what you defined as a monthly ceiling of game or you will be solely and exclusively to play with your own intelligence, and ah just lost everything in a week and now I see ships? Bad luck, spend the rest of the month to study where and how they were wrong, spend with your girlfriend / wife / children who deserve more time than any game or so to attend the offtopic AG forums that are very interesting and open to everyone what want to access.

Began to win two or three consecutive months and already feel like pros and generate large profits that you begin to think about paying bills to do with this new bankroll? NEVER! EVER! nor that any day banking is a thousand times greater than your personal banking and principal. Here I am intransigent, I work to live not live betting or poker or NEVER want to do, is just one strand of my life is I’ve seen a lot of people back at the point ZERO confused because at one point the priorities of life as shuffled the responsibilities and objectives of each of the bankroll.

Here I repeat that this is for advanced users. In fact earnings have already long ago and have started to make withdrawals of profits with some frequency in the banking game banking chief? thankfully, not only have fun as we win some, heroes? not, think in these witdhdrawal with a single bonus in your lives, plus a gift to the child or a new gadget for the day to day, NEVER to begin paying bills or responsibilities!

Hints and Tips?

Accumulate the same bank for other aspects of the game, such as trips to the casino, live poker tournaments, fairs, video games, video machines, snooker and so on … I saw the possibilities?

Study and analyze the end of each month the variance of losses and gains both in terms of space (bookmakers and poker) as of time. See where abused and how to minimize this error in the month as well as where they were more responsible and how to maximize the gains in these phases responsible.

Long-term results?

A organized and methodical bankroll, with no excesses or abuses, a mature banking that can be studied and improved with data and statistics we accumulated over the months and the ability to show us where and when we fail and lose more! A bankroll that can begin to register gains in the decisions and allow testing as increases or stakes poker blinds move to higher stake and allows us to reinvest temporal phases where we are better.

A panel that demonstrate continuous losses gives us the opportunity to realize that there is no future here and the best is to stop or change our strategy to study and test new options, any number of things we can do and test if we have a regulated banking and detailed.

My experience as a result of this method?

To start with, and without any kind of vanity because I have neither the time or the patience for these I can tell you that there is more than a year not even one euro deposit in my account of the game, before even the contrary (Forum frequently members know what I’m talking about and can attest), she not only came to have its own life with the profits and has accumulated so much over the years that manages itself without EVER to be confused with my personal money to comes with work, but this has my full attention.

I too have had remarkable and continuous losses in the first months / years, but this way I could examine in depth how and where I went wrong, what better, where better, so I have never stopped doing whatever it was because my bankroll was always separated from the banking game and located and assimilated in their own space and time as if I had another life, is as if you had a split personality but where have absolute control over this other “me”..

I hope this pleases you, my experience as a guide and have a gaming wallet and how to face this.

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