February 11, 2012

What is Dutching?


Dutching is to bet on more than one result at a time, ensuring a equal profit in all your selections. The advantage is that we are more likely to win. The downside is that we get less compared with a single bet. Now a very simple example (Orgryte v Hacken):

Make Money with No-Risk Bonus and Freebets

Making Money Betting Online

Introduction Differences between Betting Exchanges and Bookmakers Deposit Bonuses and Free Bets How to Make Money from Deposit Bonuses with Arbitrage The Lay Bet vs. Back Bet Arbitrage Method, step by step Examples of the Lay Bet vs. Back Bet Arbitrage Method List of ApostaGanha Sponsor Bonus Bets

Gambling Bank Management Methods

Making Money Betting Online

The average gambler loses money to the gambling house largely as a result of poor bank management. Bookmakers can, from time to time, offer very good odds, especially after they have had a few good weeks (often weeks with surprising results, a lot of favorites who lose, etc.) and gamblers’ accounts will be emptied. Bookmakers [...]

Soccer Trading

Trading and Arbitrage

I leave here a quite successfully trading system I have used in soccer, so I advise anyone who wants to try, to use low stakes at first and if you really come to the conclusion of its profitability, increase gradually. I would like to warning “Holy Grail” hunters that here will not find any miraculous [...]

How to bet on Betfair?


Betfair decided to provide and sponsor two courses of how to bet on Betfair, we hope that with these two courses the members have more easiness understanding and how to use the Betfair betting market! Welcome to Betfair Foundation Course – Part I Let us begin by the Betfair main table. Navigate to the left [...]

Creating and Managing a Sports Betting and Poker Wallet

Making Money Betting Online

I created this guide to report some of my experience in banking management over the years and especially for advanced users, those who bet far beyond a simple weekend or one or another month, is a essential guide for those who want to go further and who want to bet on sports and playing poker [...]

Make the most of bet365’s Bore Draw Money back offer!

Free Bets

The race to Wembley in both domestic cup competitions is heating up with some mouth-watering clashes for fans to look forward to. Bet365 are keen to make sure that you are not left disappointed with any games that end goalless. With the semi-finals of the Carling Cup and the fourth round of the FA Cup [...]

Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle Sports

The Pinnacle Sports website entered the market in 1999, and the bookmaker has achieved widespread popularity by offering customers an extensive range of high quality gambling markets. Available in 15 different languages, customers in over 100 countries visit the Pinnacle Sports website daily. One of Pinnacle Sports’ strong points is that they offer Asian handicap [...]

Trading Calculator: Lay the Draw and back the 0-0 Final Score

Trading Calculator Lay the Draw and back the 0-0 Final Score

I developed this calculator after reading the “Profitable Trading Strategies” that exemplified how to make “safe” money betting on Lay draw and in the 0-0 Final Score (CALCULATOR AT END OF ARTICLE). The aim was to help in the calculation of values to place on each bet.

Asian Handicap

Basically the Asian Handicap works as follows: Imagine a Manchester United – Liverpool and bookmaker gives the possibility of betting on Liverpool (+0.5 Asian Handicap). What this means is that Liverpool start with a progress goal, so if you bet at Liverpool and if the result is a 0-0, 1-1 or any other draw you [...]