February 3, 2012

How to Bet

How to bet on Betfair?


Betfair decided to provide and sponsor two courses of how to bet on Betfair, we hope that with these two courses the members have more easiness understanding and how to use the Betfair betting market! Welcome to Betfair Foundation Course – Part I Let us begin by the Betfair main table. Navigate to the left [...]

Asian Handicap

Basically the Asian Handicap works as follows: Imagine a Manchester United – Liverpool and bookmaker gives the possibility of betting on Liverpool (+0.5 Asian Handicap). What this means is that Liverpool start with a progress goal, so if you bet at Liverpool and if the result is a 0-0, 1-1 or any other draw you [...]


Asian Handicap

Handicaps: Discover the differences between Europeans and Asians Many of us find, at the numerous bookmaker’s, an option called handicap, there actually being 2 types of handicaps, European (EH), also known as results, and Asian (AH).

Simple Bets and Combo Bets

Today I will explain what Simple Bets and Combo Bets are. It is very easy to understand! Combo bets are several simple bets combined into one! A simple bet is one single bet on a particular event, for example a simple bet on some team’s victory. But the bookmakers have a much more tempting method!


TABLE – Football – Portugal – Super League

ODDS – The Price of Probabilities! Today we’re going to talk about odds. What are odds? In basic terms, and from the gambler’s point of view, it is the value that Bookmakers pay out for each euro bet on a determined event.