February 11, 2012

Soccer Trading

Trading and Arbitrage

I leave here a quite successfully trading system I have used in soccer, so I advise anyone who wants to try, to use low stakes at first and if you really come to the conclusion of its profitability, increase gradually. I would like to warning “Holy Grail” hunters that here will not find any miraculous [...]

Trading Calculator: Lay the Draw and back the 0-0 Final Score

Trading Calculator Lay the Draw and back the 0-0 Final Score

I developed this calculator after reading the “Profitable Trading Strategies” that exemplified how to make “safe” money betting on Lay draw and in the 0-0 Final Score (CALCULATOR AT END OF ARTICLE). The aim was to help in the calculation of values to place on each bet.

Profitable Trading Strategies

Trading and Arbitrage

This is a short series of profitable and paying trading strategies from the LayTheOdds authorship that we translate and customise into the following tutorial. It is entirely different from the analytical approach of the money weight evaluation and from the odd/volume diagrams study (not that there’s something wrong with that method). It will be covered [...]