January 12, 2012

Simple Bets and Combo Bets

Today I will explain what Simple Bets and Combo Bets are.

It is very easy to understand! Combo bets are several simple bets combined into one!

A simple bet is one single bet on a particular event, for example a simple bet on some team’s victory. But the bookmakers have a much more tempting method! Combine several simple bets into one, causing the potential value to exponentially increase, since the final odd will be calculated by multiplying several simple odds. In addition, we can also combine several bets on different sports!

For instance: imagine a combination of the following simple bets (average odd for bookmakers): Benfica’s victory against Twente for the Liga dos Campeões at 1.50, plus Villarreal’s victory against OB Odense at 1.35 plus Alexandr Dolgopolov’s victory against Carlos Berlocq with a share of 1.75, and finally Sergiy Stakhovsky’s victory against Andrey Golubev for the ATP Winston-Salem at 1.20.

If we combine all of these bets into one, we have a Combo bet composed of 4 simple bets. What then, is the odd for this Combo bet and how do we get this value?

As you will see, it is very easy. The final odd is calculated by multiplying the 4 simple odds, or rather, 1.50 X 1.35 X 1.75 X 1.20 = 4.25! As we continue to combine more bets, we simply continue to multiply odds. Of course, the more simple bets that are made, the larger the final odd will be, as it is exponential.

The maximum number of simple bets in a Combo bet depends on the bookmakers.

Making Combo bets with bets for the same event is not permitted, for example, combining the bet of Benfica’s victory plus the number of goals for the same game, or the number of corners, etc. Simple bets must be for different events.

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