January 12, 2012


Handicaps: Discover the differences between Europeans and Asians

Many of us find, at the numerous bookmaker’s, an option called handicap, there actually being 2 types of handicaps, European (EH), also known as results, and Asian (AH).

First of all, for those who do not know what a handicap is, I’ll begin with a brief explanation. A handicap is one of the most popular forms of betting, which allows us to increase or decrease our risk exposure through lines or positive and negative margins that are added to the end result of a meet.

As an example, considering a match between FC Porto and Benfica, if we bet on Benfica at +0.5, this signifies that we are betting for Benfica to win or draw, provided that, adding this margin to a favorable outcome for the eagles, or a tie, Benfica always win.

How can we identify European and Asian handicaps and the differences between them?

As was initially stated, there are two different types of handicaps, Asian and European. The easiest way to tell the difference is to identify and determine, within the same margin, how many betting options are available, as Asian handicaps do not offer the option of a tie. This means, that with Asian handicaps, we are only offered two choices, whereas with European handicaps, the option of a tie exists and, therefore, there are three possibilities from which to choose.

Below is an example, for the same line, of an Asian handicap and a European handicap:

Asian handicap:

Asian Handicap

European Handicap:

European Handicap

As can be seen, due to the differences between the two handicaps, the odds also vary.

In order to better understand European handicaps, using the example demonstrated above, by betting on Victoria -1, we are saying that the team will win by more than 1 goal. In the case of a tie -1, we are saying that Vitora shall win with a difference of only a single goal, hence the Draw = -1. Finally, betting upon Bragantino at +1 is saying that we believe the team is capable of at least a draw in this game.

Note: In Europe handicaps, there are no half lines, meaning that the margins are always made up of integers.

In Asian handicaps, as per the table demonstrated above, the idea remains however, as there are no draws, with bets that end up in a tie, after combining the margin with the final result, payment would be made. That is, if Vitoria were to win the match by a difference of a single goal, either with Victoria at -1 or Bragantino at +1, the result would be a tie and the bets would be returned.

Asian handicaps are more complex, as a single bet can contain two types of Asian Handicaps: Sporting (-0.25 AH ) v.s. Benfica. If you were to bet on Sporting, half of the money is wagered on Sporting (0 AH) and half on Sporting (-0.5 AH). Basically, should you have bet €50 tens, €25 is to Sporting (0 AH) and €25 to Sporting (-0.5 AH).

If Sporting wins the game, you have won the both bets. If the game ends in a draw, you lose the bet of -0.5 AH though collect the money bet on the other. If Benfica wins, both bets are lost.

It is important to remember that that there are several Asian handicap betting options which are the same as other betting options available:

  • Asian Handicap (0) = DNB Draw no Bet = Draw nullifies
  • Asian Handicap -0.5 = Bet on winning
  • Asian Handicap +0.5 = Double Chance
  • Asian Handicap -1.5 = European Handicap -1
  • Asian Handicap -2.5 = European Handicap -2

Examples of Bookmakers that offer Asian handicaps:

Examples of Bookmakers that only offer Asian European:


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